Hamper Lust by Guy Ringwood

Ringwood Arts Co. is the one man ceramics band of Guy Ringwood. A graduate (with Honours) of the South Australian School of Art in 2009, Guy went on to a tenant position followed by an associate position at JamFactory. He has spent the last 10 years building his practise in his private studio in Torrensville, culminating in the DIY construction of his gas kiln and finally going into full time production in 2020.


Guy’s practise at Ringwood Arts Co. is primarily centered around the potter’s wheel, with all pieces coming from or into contact with the wheel for at least part of their creation. A background in Visual Arts has led Guy to show in many exhibitions around Adelaide over the years. Over the last couple of years Ringwood Arts Co. has grown into producing commissions for some of Adelaide’s finest restaurants as well.

The Sake sets Guy has made for us here at Hamper Lust are made from a fine porcelain sourced here in Australia. Guy has made the glazes that decorate these stunning vessels from raw ingredients and are the product of many years of research and development. Once coated in glaze they are then fired to 1300°c where the whole piece vitrifies, essentially turning dirt into glass. Once cool and out of the kiln they are rushed to us here at Hamper Lust and into your hot little hands!